Misdirection Purposed Reverse Off-The-Grid Living

Misdirection purposed reverse off-the-grid living. Autonomy and anonymity are the key purposes of living off-the-grid. Although each purpose is not mutually exclusive, the ‘Misdirection Purposed Reverse Off-The-Grid Living’ method is for the latter.

This method is to live with strict control of your own identity(s), locational data and general privacy.

The objective is to appear to be actually living off-the-grid – to deter or alter attempts to be located.

Or, to appear to be living “normally” on-grid but with controlled and strategic releases of information to the public domain – to manipulate your perceived location, timelines and details of everyday life.

In either case, they’re both living on-the-grid. It’s in what information and how / when it’s released to the public or target subject(s) that differs for the purpose of misdirecting your visibility for strategy.

To be invisible or counter-accessible.

[The featured photo was taken in rural Vietnam.]

[ Misdirection Purposed Reverse Off-The-Grid Living ]

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